Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Go Bag

A Go Bag is one of those things you could start with. We all have the prerequisite first aid kit in our homes, but, let's face it. What if a tropical storm hits our shores and does a lot of damage that requires immediate evacuation? Earthquakes are one of those things I'm constantly afraid of because my family lives near a fault line

A Polyvore account is useful for killing time and making things like this^

  1.  A sturdy, waterproof backpack is preferable. 
  2. Change of clothes. I made this in Polyvore, so, um, this one's quite fasyown.
  3. Shoes. If you want to bring rain boots, place them beside your bag for when there's a situation and you have to get out asap. We're a flip-flop wearing nation but when there's a lot of walking to be done, nothing beats comfortable, close shoes that can survive in  flood water.
  4. Medicine. If you're regularly taking medication, make sure to set aside some extras for your Go Bag.
  5. A first aid kit. 
  6. Flashlight. I was feeling cheeky so I used the batman one. Sadly, I don't have this in real life.
  7. Water and easy-to-eat food. I'm a snacks person so I'd rather bring an energy bar. For my husband, a snack bar most definitely will not do. So I'm thinking of canned rice and tuna by San Marino? 
  8. Radio. I still don't have one of these. But I'm definitely going to find one in my next Divisoria trip.
  9. Whistle. This could mean the difference between life and death in certain circumstances. It could alert other people of danger or could be used as a communication device. Or, it could serve as an annoying entertainment device when bad weather rolls in and there's no Internet. 

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