Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Go Bag

A Go Bag is one of those things you could start with. We all have the prerequisite first aid kit in our homes, but, let's face it. What if a tropical storm hits our shores and does a lot of damage that requires immediate evacuation? Earthquakes are one of those things I'm constantly afraid of because my family lives near a fault line

A Polyvore account is useful for killing time and making things like this^

  1.  A sturdy, waterproof backpack is preferable. 
  2. Change of clothes. I made this in Polyvore, so, um, this one's quite fasyown.
  3. Shoes. If you want to bring rain boots, place them beside your bag for when there's a situation and you have to get out asap. We're a flip-flop wearing nation but when there's a lot of walking to be done, nothing beats comfortable, close shoes that can survive in  flood water.
  4. Medicine. If you're regularly taking medication, make sure to set aside some extras for your Go Bag.
  5. A first aid kit. 
  6. Flashlight. I was feeling cheeky so I used the batman one. Sadly, I don't have this in real life.
  7. Water and easy-to-eat food. I'm a snacks person so I'd rather bring an energy bar. For my husband, a snack bar most definitely will not do. So I'm thinking of canned rice and tuna by San Marino? 
  8. Radio. I still don't have one of these. But I'm definitely going to find one in my next Divisoria trip.
  9. Whistle. This could mean the difference between life and death in certain circumstances. It could alert other people of danger or could be used as a communication device. Or, it could serve as an annoying entertainment device when bad weather rolls in and there's no Internet. 

Global Hoarding

The Chinese like their rice. Or not.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


History teaches us that when there's a currency crisis, people didn't stock up on gold bars and silver coins. A lot of preppers are saying that gold bars and silver coins are necessary to any prepper. Here in the Philippines, even those with above average incomes don't have a gold bar or two hidden in their closets.

Take a look at Volos, Greece. The people there have set up tents and stalls to barter with one another. It's an ancient system that's gaining popularity as the Euro slowly loses its value. One man selling children's underwear said that he got computer lessons and language classes in return for his goods.

This is where proper prepper planning (let's call it PPP for fun!) comes in. Even if you cannot invest in gold bars or silver coins, if you have life skills (such as knowledge in plumbing, engineering, or planting herbs) or you have stocked up on arguably cheap essentials (such as toilet paper, shampoo, or entertaining books) then you can ensure that if a monetary crisis lands in our shores (or rather, a bigger monetary crisis than the one we're facing hits us square in the face), we'd be like the people of Volos. 

This dame frequents Booksale on a regular basis and is hoping that one day, maybe my extra copy of Franzen or my still brand-new Coelho will come in handy.

Why prep?

No matter what theory or philosophy you believe in, religious or not, prepping should be a priority.

If not, at least try to acquire a few tidbits here and there so that when things go really bad, you'd know what to do. 

Maybe you think that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Maybe you're a TNT with democrat leanings and you have some time to kill. Or maybe, the weird weather is starting to get to you and the thought of having no food, electricity, and potable water is enough to scare you into prepping. Or maybe, you've simply watched one too many episodes of Doomsday Preppers and YouTube videos.

With the European crisis, weird weather, and local telenovelas rehashing the same plot lines over and over again, the normal person can't help but think about the future and be a little pessimistic (or realistic) about it.

The Doomsday Dame's reason for prepping all boils down to this: when the going gets tough, the tough  (and prepared) will have an ample supply of food and water.  

Heck, I'll even have a few energy bars and sweets to snack on while everyone is scrambling for the grocery stores to stockpile essentials like canned goods and rice.

In the end, the question to ask is not "Why prep?" but: How to prep (with limited funds)?

The incoming slew of posts will hopefully answer the question above. 


Introductions first: I'm Dame Doomsday (or Dee dee, if you prefer).

This blog will cover all aspects of prepping with a 3rd world twist.

Probably about half of the future posts are the result of various Google searches and various ebooks. 
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